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Services Offered for Students

Lessons are offered in three time lengths: 30, 45 and 60 minutes 


Younger students often prefer shorter lessons, while older students can benefit from a slightly longer period of direct instruction. Included in the cost of each lesson are sheet music customized transcriptions, and lead sheets (song chords and form) needed to practice. Lesson books are available and sold to students at cost.


In addition to basic instruction and sheet music, lessons may make use of sample recordings of songs being learned both including the full arrangement and alternate arrangements without guitar and isolated to guitar for student practice and study.
For interested students, lessons are also available in music theory, composition and song writing, audition preparation, recording techniques and technology, and instrument and gear design and utility


Gordon Guitar Lessons - 235 Bedford St. Lexington, MA. 02420 - 781-274-0088

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